Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I had for breakfast...

Good Morning!
Ok let's begin,
First I want to thank DivaOnADiet for this wonderful idea of posting her meals.I figured this would help me and also help others who ask what exactly do I eat.I mean sometimes I forget so this is a excellent idea to help me keep track.
I thought I would be able to eat all of this without a problem.WRONG! I only ate the two boiled eggs=60 calories,toast=55 calories and orange juice=8 oz 120 calories. I was full! But 30mins later I had the Light yogurt=100 calories. I still haven't had the banana or tea. I'll just add that to one of my snacks.
I think it was a little much for me because when I first began my weight loss journey I had to make myself eat breakfast and I started with just eating any kind of fruit with a yogurt.That was it.So my stomach is still use to just a yougurt and some kind of fruit and just water! I'm starting a brand new weight loss journey. Let's do this!


  1. Girl it all looks soooo good! Keep up the great work! :O)

  2. awww man it looks professional and tasty!